Why Blog?

I have always admired those who take time to offer thoughts and advice through blogging. And I have learned so much through their words and have often been encouraged. With three girls, working on the family dairy farm, a passion for youth ministry, I find it difficult to find something just for me. I have had a journal for all of my adult life, and find writing very therapeutic, so why not. I don't know if my words will have an impact on anyone, or teach anyone anything. But I will be satisfied knowing that I am taking some time out for me. This is my great escape.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

First week done...

I have finished my first week on the farm! Yay! And what a great week. :) It was like it was saturday everyday. The kids and I would get up an get ready (which always took longer then I would allow, I'll be glad when we don't need to layer up as much) and then we would head down to the barn. The girls all looked pretty spiffy in there coveralls. They have had so much fun. And again, J and I are realizing how great it is that I started on the farm now, while the kids are young instead of waiting until they are older and they don't want to come. I realize that there will be a day when they won't want to come, but we are enjoying these days, where they jump up and down with excitement, they like to help feed and sweep, but mostly they just play around. Isabella likes to play with a door that she can open and close all by herslef because it is a handle instead of a nob. Savannah wanders about, like she owns the place, alway observing. And Lily pretty much tries to stay clean, and makes sure the younger two aren't getting into any trouble, lol!

I am enjoying working along side of Joel. (And pa-in-law :) ) Some days I haven't felt like I have "helped" that much at all and am often reminding myself that I will get better and faster and it all just takes time. My biggest struggle is getting things at home done. Truth be told though, without 2-4 extra kids wandering about, it doesn't get nearly as messy. I think I am used to cleaning all the time, that is why is weird if I don't have to do it now. I am sure this is also a struggle where I am back to paper writing again. The other struggle I have and fear the most is that my house (and van) will start to smell like the barn. So I have a huge tote at our entry way where all or most of our clothes go in as soon as we step in the door. I think it is working, but I tend to ask almost everyone who comes in if my house smells like the barn, lol! When I am not going to be at the barn for a day or more then everything gets washed ASAP. (My washer and dryer aren't gonna know what hit 'em...I HATE laundry! But I hate my house smelling like the barn more)

We are still trying to figure out a good schedule of my tasks as I still haven't done some of the things we decided I could do, like lead cows and clean them. Hopefully time the classifier comes again we'll have some cleaner cows....who knows...

Anyway, sorry for a more rambling post...I just thought I would update you on my new life as a farmer :) Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I'm glad you got through your first week, Amy. I'm sure you will find lots to do to help as the weeks go by. Have a great weekend.

  2. So glad your enjoying the farm life:) Don't worry am sure your house will never smell like a barn!!! :)

  3. I have been in your house and the van and they don't smell!! Keep up the good work!!

  4. Yvonne Brilman - Farmer's wife on Maple RidgeMarch 12, 2011 at 9:04 PM

    Andre often reminds me that the smell of the farm is the smell of money - that is how we make our living, right? You are much more of a farmer's wife than I am - good for you!