Why Blog?

I have always admired those who take time to offer thoughts and advice through blogging. And I have learned so much through their words and have often been encouraged. With three girls, working on the family dairy farm, a passion for youth ministry, I find it difficult to find something just for me. I have had a journal for all of my adult life, and find writing very therapeutic, so why not. I don't know if my words will have an impact on anyone, or teach anyone anything. But I will be satisfied knowing that I am taking some time out for me. This is my great escape.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Everyday Valentine

I didn't do anything extra special on Valentine's day. There were no flowers or chocolates. No big night on the town or diamonds. But I did spend it with my Valentine, and what I love the most about our Valentine date, was that is was like most of the evenings we share together. We made supper together, which is common and enjoyed it as we watched a movie. Not a special movie either, just one we picked out of our own collection.

I am not against chocolate, flowers or diamonds by any stretch of the imagination, but I got to spend "Love" day with the man I love. And I love the fact that our way we celebrated was pretty much the same as any other day. When you think about it that way, it's like we have Valentines every day :) I'll admit, there have been years past where I was disappointed when no flowers were given, or even a card. This year has been different, and I am glad. I have what a lot of people don't, and I should be grateful for that and not always want more.

We did continue a tradition that we have had since our first Valentine's together which is trying a new recipe.
This is what we made, TOBLERONE-Topped Caramel Cheesecake recipe at Kraftcanada.com  and it turned out great! We also had homemade Donair Pizza and Garlic fingers. It wasn't exactly a low-cal dinner, but it was great!

Here are some things that I love about my guy:
  • He tells me I am beautiful at least once a day. (whether I am in sweats or jeans, make-up or no make-up)
  • He is my great encourager both as a mom and other things that I work at.
  • He will eat everything I make. This is kinda funny but true. And sometimes the things I try don't even taste that great, but he will still eat it until it's gone. (I think he does this so I won't stop making and trying new things.)
  • He texts me just to tell me he loves.
  • I love watching him with our girls and how he encourages and loves them! It's magical to watch!
  • He's hard working and loves his job.
  • He kills spiders! (this is HUGE)
  • He cooks for me if I am out and we will eat later, together.
  • He laughs at my jokes.
  • He is smart. About everything. Which often just makes me wanna throw-up. (sometimes this is irritating, but even then I admire the information that man can contain!)
  • Most of all, he knows me. He knows what makes me laugh and cry, what makes me angry and sad. He knows that our kids and how we raise them is something I am always thinking about and am trying to do better. He knows I am not perfect, yet he loves me anyway.
J is my everyday Valentine! And the love I have for him is beyond words....


  1. Hi Amy, I'll try this again. You have a beautiful blog here and I want to be the first to welcome you to the blogging world. The 'every day valentine' is the best kind I think. ;-) I have added my name to your followers and I have also put you on my 'blog roll favorites' so those that happen to look at mine may look at yours too. Wishing you all the best. Blessings, Pam

  2. Amy, I love your blog...and this post especially...I am so happy to see that you are so very aware of how blessed you are with Joel. God bless you and your family, I hope your life is full of everyday Valentine Days & I am honored to know you. Love, Melanie B