Why Blog?

I have always admired those who take time to offer thoughts and advice through blogging. And I have learned so much through their words and have often been encouraged. With three girls, working on the family dairy farm, a passion for youth ministry, I find it difficult to find something just for me. I have had a journal for all of my adult life, and find writing very therapeutic, so why not. I don't know if my words will have an impact on anyone, or teach anyone anything. But I will be satisfied knowing that I am taking some time out for me. This is my great escape.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Money Savers....

Since deciding that I was going to leave the daycare buisness and start working on the farm, J and I discussed some ways that we could save money.

One way of saving is by baking everything! So with a great purchase off Ebay for a Kitchenaid mixer, why wait until I am working on the farm to save money?!? I bake on Mondays (this will be my third week) cookies, cakes, bread, rolls and muffins are usually on the agenda. Bread I must say will save us the most money and it was a good time to switch before the kids decide that store-bought bread is their favorite. A new thing that I am going to try this week is butter, I'll let you know how that goes :)

Another way is by doing weekly meal plans. This is already saving us lots of money by getting only the groceries that we need and by using what we already have. It makes the desire to go out less tempting too when there is plan in place, expecially on Sundays after church. Also, it forces me to try some new recipes(which is great) and to eat healthier (also great) AND the kids LOVE this too. Lily espcially where she can read the menu, I don't hear as many groans when it's meal time becuase she already knows a head of time what she is going to be having. I saw this idea on my friend Gina's blog (Sorry Gina I don't know how to add a link to you) Anyway her blog is called A Mommy Montage, (hopefully that link works...) Check her out, she has lots of fab stuff to say, she is very inspirational to me as a mom, and I have learned so much!

What are some ways that you save money? What are your favorite recipes (I am always looking for new recipes)

They say another snow day is on the way... I'll admit, I LOVE snow days! And a snow day filled with baking would be wonderful! So my fingers are crossed for one. Drive safe to any of you who are driving tomorrow!


  1. those are freakin awesome looking buns amy...great job...!!!

  2. if only I could spell "especially"..... wrong TWICE....oh well, at least I can bake!

  3. Good for you Amy! I don't know why the girls would prefer store bread over home made. I'd pick home made any day. And I never learned how to make it. :-) Have a super week! Blessings, Pam

  4. I'm so glad you find the menu planning useful! Having a bake day sounds like a really good idea! If I can get my act together, I'm going to give that a try!

    Loving reading your blog, Amy!!

  5. I use www.kraftcanada.com it actually has weekly meal planning with grocery lists already made for you! you can just cross off what you already have! So quick and easy! Also, the cheapest meat in Freddy beach is at Saint Mary's Supermarket!

    Quick and easy salsa

    Large can of tomatoes or you can use fresh if you boil some water and throw them in until the skin breaks, let them cool peal the skin!

    small can of sliced jalapenos (you can usr the pickeled ones if you drain them or chillis)But careful, it can get hot quick, I never use a whole can!

    Garlic (I use actual cloves to make it fresh), salt, pepper to taste

    Sometimes I put green onions in for color! ha!

    Put it all in the food processor (or blender) and it's ready to serve!

    You can also cook up some chicken or hamburger in garlic, cayanne & cumin to add for a dip or make tacos or burritos!

  6. I've been making 2-week menus for the past year now and I love it! You're right, it does save money. (I also only grocery shop every 2 weeks and that saves money too!) Also, since Aaron cooks a couple nights a week, it takes the stress off him to think of something to make when he gets home.