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I have always admired those who take time to offer thoughts and advice through blogging. And I have learned so much through their words and have often been encouraged. With three girls, working on the family dairy farm, a passion for youth ministry, I find it difficult to find something just for me. I have had a journal for all of my adult life, and find writing very therapeutic, so why not. I don't know if my words will have an impact on anyone, or teach anyone anything. But I will be satisfied knowing that I am taking some time out for me. This is my great escape.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Full Circle...

Some of you may (or may not) know that that for the past four years, I have been looking after kids in my home. And unless you have done it, you really don't have any idea what all that means or looks like. Like any job (key word job), it has it's ups and downs and is very rewarding watching kids grow, learn and develop. But (the big "but") the time has come and change is near. I have a little less then two more weeks left with my daycare. So now what? Well, it may be hard for some to believe but I am going to be working on the farm. I call it the full circle desicion. Let me tell you why.

By working on the farm: I get to just have my own kids. In many ways I have failed them as a mom, spending so much time and energy on other kids, that sometimes by the end of the day I am just too tired to give them the attention that they want and need. This way I will be able to be with them all day (like I always said I would) and be teaching them different stuff on the farm and the lifestyle that goes with that.
By working on the farm: I get to see my hubby more :)
By working on the farm: We will save money on hired help for those weekends when my in-laws go away. And there will be another person that will know how to get chores and milking done if it is needed in busy seasons/emergency.
By working on the farm: I will be saving J and his dad some time so that they will be able to get home a little early (we'll see if that works) or at the very least allowing them more time to get stuff accomplished.
By working on the farm: J and I will have even more things in common.
By working on the farm: I am working to help with the total operation and production of the farm, which leads to profit for the farm and our family.

I think I could go on and on and on, but I will spare you the details of it all... I am really excited and nervous like you would be for any new job. But I am looking forward to this change. I always get excited learning about the cows and milk and classification and breeding, but never seemed to have the right balance of time to fit it in with everything else, and now I will.

So what do my kids think? To be honest, I thought they would be upset. They only know what it is like to have extra kids here through the week and have always enjoyed it. I think it will be great for Savannah, she LOVES the barn and Isabella is young enough she still just goes with the flow :) It was mostly Lily I was worried about. She loves the little friendships she has made with these kids. But when I told her, she jumped off her chair and screamed "YAHOO!!" And now, she is counting down the days. A full circle decision... :)

I can't wait for this new chapter for me and my family! God is taking care of us, and it is so clear to see that and man am I thankful!

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  1. Amy, I think that is awesome! You are a wonderful mom and a hard worker. Anyone who is married to a farmer knows that the wife and mother works harder than most moms. You were also a wonderful daycare 'mom' to others. You will be a great partner to J and the kids will get to know all aspects of farm life too. It takes a lot of dedication, hard work, and long hours to make a farm work. You will do great! All the best to you! Blessings, Pam